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For half a century and counting, we at Gilroy Foods have earned a stellar reputation for providing the quality, innovative garlic and onion products that make us a worldwide leader. Over the years, we’ve continually pioneered value-added ingredients while earning your trust with safe, traceable, U.S.-grown garlic and onion with year-round availability, consistency and great taste. Because our product formats range from dehydrated and puréed to oven-roasted and beyond, you need to look no further than Gilroy Foods for all your garlic and onion needs.

Garlic Goes the Extra Mile The latest generation of value-added garlic ingredients does the impossible: It actually improves upon nature. Our products offer convenience without comprising true-to-life garlic flavor, making them ideal for any formulation challenge.

Endless Onion Options There’s no mystery behind the true-to-taste quality of our onion offerings: It’s the onions themselves, grown and processed in-house with our industry-leading technology and decades of post-harvest experience. We’ll work with you to match the right onion to your application.

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