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Dehydrated Vegetables You Can Count On

They're versatile, convenient and carefully processed for flavor, color and texture: what's not to like about Gilroy Foods dehydrated vegetables? We start with our top-notch garlic, onion, capsicum and vegetable ingredients, wash them for maximum quality and safety and air-dry them to gently preserve their peak taste and appearance. And with a selection of delivery forms and particle sizes from powdered and chopped to toasted and ground, we've got every application covered.


Nobody knows garlic like we do, and we've translated our expertise into a comprehensive suite of dehydrated garlic products made from safe, consistent supply to ensure you the optimum in taste and performance. Whether your application calls for noticeable piece identity, invisible garlic flavor or a pungent roasted-garlic punch, we've got the dehydrated ingredient for you.

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Onions are a staple of savory flavor creation, and as the nation's leading supplier of dehydrated onion ingredients, we've made them a staple of our strength. Our broad-spectrum line of dehydrated onion products make it easy to build true onion taste into applications where fresh won't do. With everything from full-sized slices and dices down to granules and powders, there isn't a product attribute that we can't deliver

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The appeal of chiles is on the tip of everyone's tongues, and the trend among tastemakers is toward flavor over fire. No matter what your consumers are looking for, we can supply the dehydrated capsicum you need to achieve it. Our catalogue of chile varietals is unmatched in the industry, and we've got the processing savvy to deliver a flaked or ground product that lets you control the color, particle size, flavor and bite for your target profile.


Go back to the garden with Gilroy. By planting our agricultural roots in the fields of California's heartland, we've built a core competency in growing, harvesting and gently air-drying such healthful vegetables as beets, bell peppers, carrots, green onions, parsley and tomatoes. All our dehydrated vegetables and customized blends hold their natural color and fresh flavor through processing and come in particle sizes that fit your application.

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