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Exclusive to Gilroy Foods, Controlled Moisture™ (CM) Vegetables bring you the best of everything: superior performance, concentrated nutrition, vivid color and unparalleled flavor.

The name says it all. By controlling moisture through our proprietary freezing process, we gently eliminate excess water from the vegetables. That means less water to lose in your finished foods, and better overall performance in fresh, frozen and refrigerated applications. The proof is in the product: Pizza crusts and doughs keep their crispness. Sauces, dips and spreads stay true to their intended flavor. And long-gone are soggy omelets and other egg dishes.

Ready-to-use fire-roasted and grilled CM vegetables make it easy to add the thrill of the grill to new products and menu items. And the extensive options on offer are right on trend. Clump-free CM spinach goes straight from the package to the plate with no waste and no need to defrost. And new Kitchen Cuts™ peppers & onions—with their shorter strips and random piece sizes—bring hand-prepped appeal to even the most standardized formulas or plate presentations. Our flavor experts can help apply seasoning blends and flavors to make your vegetables just right.

On top of that, CM vegetables fit the healthful way we eat today. With less moisture per unit volume, less water crowds out healthful vegetable solids like fiber and nutrients. CM help you deliver a full vegetable serving using 33% less than you would of a standard fresh or individually quick-frozen (IQF) vegetable.

Best of all, pasteurized CM vegetables are safe to eat right from the package—unlike their IQF counterparts. So while you're enjoying the peace of mind that superior quality brings, your customers can enjoy the pure pleasure of great vegetable flavor.

The Controlled Moisture Advantage
If you are currently using fresh vegetables in your products:

If you are currently using frozen vegetables in your products:

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